What's Your Weird And Totally Irrational Car Fear?

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Car culture is weird and bizarre and, thankfully, gives us no shortage of whack shit to be afraid of. Do you have strange and totally irrational fears when it comes to cars and driving?

Here, I’ll share a couple of mine. I don’t like multi-tiered parking garages because I’m always afraid that shit will collapse under me. Also, a few that I have been to would tremble when a car drove through them. How’s that for sketch?

Also, driving between two semis on a three-lane highway makes me really uncomfortable. I’ve seen that movie before and it doesn’t end well.


So, tell me: what about driving and cars freaks you out the most?

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For Sweden

Every time I’m driving and notice a questionable noise or smell, I assume it must come from my car, which is about to explode.