If you're like us, you watched the Wagon Attack 2 video and remembered the dream you have so ridiculous you can't tell your family. Time to share. What's your "Jalopnik Awesome" fantasy?

To clarify, we're not talking about restoring a classic Mercury and driving it in the Woodward Dream Cruise. We're not even talking about driving a V8-powered Volvo in Lemons. Fantasies like that are so common these days they're not even worth bringing up. We're talking about taking a car and doing something so awesome with it you risk at least one of the following: imprisonment, institutionalization, hospitalization, arbitrated mediation.

For us, it all starts with a Volkswagen Quantum Syncro wagon. You know, VW's AWD version of Quattro but in early Passat wagon form? Yeah. And we're not going to swap out the drivetrain because keeping it is far more dangerous than upgrading it. We could race it. We could even rally it. But this has all been done. We're driving it to from the U.S. to Antarctica via Panama and South America. This means roads, no roads, rivers, rain forest, mountains, hills. Of course, you can't drive all the way to Antarctica. When we get to Argentina or Chile we'll have to drive it into the back of a plane and fly it to Antarctica. And then? South Pole hoonage.

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