Seeing the trailer for Love The Beast, the documentary recounting Eric Bana's love affair with his 1974 Ford XB Falcon, we started thinking of that special bond between a car and an owner. Most of the cars we buy we love. Sometimes, we buy cars we merely like. Occasionally, we buy cars that live as much in our dreams as in our garages. They take our time, our money and our affection. We would, if we could, roll around with them in the sand. The staff here at Jalopnik has had various love affairs. Mark would have to decide between a BMW 732i or 633csi, though the 6-series seems like the clear winner give the fact that he's had it for more than a few months. Personally, I've been pining for my mustard-colored Mercedes 300D, which nobly gave its life so that another 300D could live. And we all know about Ben and his 64 Lincoln Continental. Wert misses his black Northstar-powered Cadillac DeVille dreadfully. Not everyone has had this experience, but if you haven't had a love affair with a car you at least know someone who has. Pretend we're Dr. Phil. Enlighten us.