A V12 engine is like a monkey butler on roller skates — always awesome, but not always the best way to get the job done. Despite the ridiculousness of V12 engines, we still love'em. What's your favorite V12-powered car?

Bugatti EB110 SS, anyone? Weighing in at a relatively scant 3,500 pounds (for a V12-powered automobile), the EB110 is the original modern super Bugatti. You want power? How about 603 HP? How large of an engine would you need to produce this sort of power? Oh, just a 3.5-liter V12 with four turbochargers — meaning each cylinder has less displacement than a soda can. It's unique and attractive for a super car and put down a 0-to-62 mph run of 3.2 seconds in 1992. So much awesome. So many cylinders.

They're cheaper by the dozen, right?

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