What's Your Favorite Time And Place To Go Driving?

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It's late October here in Central Texas, which means that the temperatures are (eventually) dropping to their winter levels. Since we spend months on end dealing with 100 degree weather, this is the time of year we get really excited about.

I love winter in this part of Texas. On average, this season means highs in the 40s, 50s or 60s, which means we need coats but we generally don't have to deal with snow, rain or other winter nastiness that other places do.

It's also my favorite time of the year to go driving. There's nothing I love more than putting the window down on a cold day, turning the heater up, and going for a spirited drive in the hilly backroads southwest of Austin. I especially enjoy FM 1826, FM 150 and RM 12 near Driftwood and Dripping Springs.


These are the same roads upon which Matt Hardigree hooned a Ford Focus RS a couple years back. (If you're ever out there, stop by the Salt Lick for lunch — it's not the best BBQ in Texas, but it won't disappoint.)

What does the weather have to do with it? Besides the fact that it feels great, the cooler air adds a little extra punch to turbocharged engines like mine. I have a WRX and it always feels like it's more potent on colder days — at least, it's more eager than it is on a 105-degree day in August.

Now it's your turn: what are your favorite roads to hoon on, and when's the best time of day or the year to do it? You may not want to give away the very best ones in case any police and/or asshat drivers are reading this.


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Right about this time , here in Austin , Texas. I live in a neighborhood close to Hippehollow ( located next to the Oasis ), although it's a short road that is one way in and one way out , it's curves and views make up for it . i also like drive Volente and Lime Creek road.

There also a few roads on the outskirts of downtown Austin that are fun to drive also .