So much for Strike Week. Let's move on then to cars from a socialist country: those funky meatballs from Sweden! As a child we were forbidden from thinking about cars from Odin's Skull Scandinavia. The old man found the idea of owning a viking-mobile in the desert wasteland of Los Angeles to be idiotic. And he took great pleasure in cataloging each and every time his best friend Morty's 240 Volvo had to flat-bedded somewhere. Like the time it overheated and stranded us in Needles, CA while it was 120 degrees out. He didn't like his friend Doug's Saab 900 much, either. Though he did get some "I told you so" jollies from the $3500 transmission rebuilt. But don't punish the child for the sins of the father. We're learning. This past weekend, we wound up seeing not one, but three Volvo 780s. And we must say, those are hot looking rides. Real, real hot. What say you?