What's Your Favorite Steve McQueen Moment?

As we mentioned earlier, it's the anniversary of Steve McQueen's death today. The performer had many moments in his life worth noting, some as an actor, some as a race car driver, and some as a drugged-out lunatic. What's your favorite?


Personally, I love the end of The Towering Inferno when McQueen says he'll keep "eating smoke and bringing out bodies" until architects start talking to firefighters about how to build safer buildings. Newman and McQueen both fought for attention in the film, from the beginning, and Newman took the role of the architect, which has more lines and makes Newman a sexy sort of playboy who starts and ends the movie.

McQueen doesn't show up until almost an hour in and has only a few lines, relatively speaking, but the actor read the script and instinctively knew he'd come out looking better. Newman has his moments, but seems almost foolish and weak next to the simple wisdom and powerful strength of McQueen's San Francisco Fire chief.

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