What's Your Favorite Ridiculous Tuner Car?

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There are fun tuner cars, exciting tuner cars, ridiculous tuner cars, and cars that manage to be all of above. They exist where insanity meets opportunity. What's your favorite ridiculous tuner car?


One word, two engines: Twinstar.

Take a Cadillac Eldorado equipped with a Northstar V8 upfront and then add another Northstar in the trunk, connect one to each axle and you've got an AWD, 600 HP super coupe capable of doing insane circular burnouts. We hear they were super popular with drug dealers Miami area businessman because cops concerned citizens occasionally shot out the front engines they could continue to escape. It's the work of Warren Mosler and is just as crazy/brilliant as he is.

Oh, there are so many, especially from the 1980s.

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I have only one favorite. It's my favorite everything.