What's Your Favorite Modern Military Vehicle?

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It's Memorial Day weekend, so we're thinking about friends and family who serve, but because we're transpo freaks we can't also stop thinking about what they serve in now. What's your favorite modern military vehicle?

We sometimes dream of owning a Landing Craft, Air Cushioned (LCAC) — military speak for the Navy's baddest hovercraft. Equipped with four gas turbines combining for 16,000 hp, the LCAC is capable of crossing land and sea at a speed of over 40 mph while carrying 60 tons of Humvees, HEMMTs, and whatever other vehicles you might want for a beach outing/invasion. It only takes a crew of five to operate what is, in essence, an amphibious driveway. The LCAC is the sort of modern military vehicle that makes you want to become an interventionist.

Put on some UCP fatigues and answer this question, you've got a long weekend to do it.


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Photo Credit: Alicia Tasz/U.S. Navy/Getty Images

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This is an easy one, and I wont even make the silly suggestion of the Herkimur Battle Jitney.

The freakin' A-10 is as cool as it gets.