With the release of the 2009 Ferrari California, yet another sporty GT in the long line of sporty Italian GT's and supercars, our thoughts go to our favorite Italian cars. And if you're like us, your favorite Italian cars probably aren't of the dozen cylinder, stratospheric price variety. Who doesn't love a bargain basement hatch like the Fiat Panda 4x4 or any number of Lancias including the Fulvia HF and Stratos? And what about Alfa? For a few grand a lot of hassle you can be the owner of a classic Alfa Romeo Milano Verde. For a few grand more (and an Italian passport) you can own the Alfa Romeo Brera, the best looking new hatch there is.

What we're trying to say is, it doesn't take a genius to appreciate a Ferrari Enzo. But for that cash you could buy all the cars listed above with money left over for a house, garage and vintage racing fees. We've merely skimmed the surface here: what's your favorite atypical, non-super Italian car?

[Photo Autovandaag.nl]