Winston Churchill, the standard-bearer for all things Anglo, was not-so-secretly a Francophile as likely to sip Champagne as take a drag from his cigar. In the spirit of liking freedom and France simultaneously we ask: what's your favorite French car?

Despite my occasional sadomasochistic yen for a little SM S&M, the Citröen DS still stands out to me as the most elegant and, well, French car ever built. It looks like nothing else on the road and is still featured in futuristic films because, more than half-a-century later, it still looks like the future. Flaminio Bertoni created a vehicle immediately familiar as an automobile while, simultaneously, looking like no other car you've ever seen. It was also a technological marvel of the day and set the tone for the sporty-yet-livable European car.

Of course, I'm going with a DS Safari/wagon because combining the best French car with a station wagon is like taking your favorite ice cream and tossing it in a bowl made out of your second favorite ice cream.

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(Photo Credit: Sherlock77)