What's Your Favorite Final Edition Car?

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Whether to move inventory or mark the occasion, automakers enjoy sending off their generations with ultimate special editions like the Porsche 911 Speedster (maybe). Remember, every ending is just another car's beginning. What's your favorite final edition car?


It's hard to turn your nose down on the final edition of the already rare and spectacular Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Just 250 of the Evolution II cars were built exclusively for the Japanese market to mark the end of the production run. The cars featured a special blue/yellow rally stripe on top of Candy Red paint. The interior included tan Alcantara leather, silver-surrounded instrument cluster, rally style pedals and a push button start. There's not much more performance to be had (there rarely is with these cars) but it's a unique, attractive, and lustworthy way to remember the Delta.

Like Boyz II Men, it's the end of the road but you just can't let go.

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