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The 2009 Dodge Challenger brochure got us thinking about the past today. And not just because we wished we'd made a stronger play at our uncle's '70 Challenger when he sold it. The only problem was we were nine years old and he wouldn't accept Transformers as payment. No, it also brought to mind thoughts of when we were younger and how we used to love going to car dealerships. As a child, we could peruse the aisle of dealer brochures for the new model year, safe and secure from the horrifying dealer/buyer experience, and dream about getting — a Jeep Comanche — of our own. Those were the days. We wish we'd kept those brochures. We mean, do you realize how much we could get for a Comanche brochure on eBay these days?


Apparently less than seven bucks. But, searching for it helped me to come up with today's question of the day. What's your favorite dealer brochure? Better than just answering the question — give us a link to a scan or an eBay auction for it. We may take the best responses and create one of our Jalopnik patent-pending top ten lists out of them.

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