Most of the concepts you'll see in Paris this week will be of the Teve Torbes variety, barely distinguishable from future production models. But this isn't always the case. What's your favorite "Car of the Future?"

Oh how I do love a Chrysler Turbine. Considering most Chryslers of the early post-war years preceding the Turbine were mostly boring and belatedly styled commuter vehicles, the concept car stood out as a testament to the ability of any group of Americans to get together with an idea and attempt to change their fortunes. Powered by a gas turbine engine that could make an immediate 430 lb-ft of torque, it redlined above 60K rpm. Unfortunately, America wasn't ready for the Turbine or the hideous fuel economy. There's one at the Petersen in LA and it's gorgeous and wonderful and the clearly product of a real effort to reach for a different future.

Hop in your time machine, tell us what you find.

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