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Let me tell you a hilarious story about the time my dog almost fell out of a car window.


It happened about a year ago, right before my wife and I got married. Because we're those insufferable people, our dog Mr. Brooks was in our wedding, so a few days before that I took him to a groomer so he wouldn't look like a street urchin-dog in all the pictures.

At the time I was in a Dodge Durango press car and Mr. B was in the back seat. As I was driving on the highway, I heard this unusual whooshing sound from behind me. I looked around and realized the rascally sonofabitch had stepped on the window button with his paw, and when I didn't see him right away, I temporarily lost my shit.


For a few seconds I thought I killed our dog by letting him fall out of a moving car at 70 mph — and four days before our wedding, no less. Then I turned the other way and saw him behind the passenger's seat and realized he was fine. It wasn't the most terrifying moment of my life, but it was up there.

I keep the windows locked when he's in the backseat now. The little guy's cute but he's not to be trusted. Ever.

What's your craziest animal-car story?

Pictured above: A very much alive Mr. Brooks, rolling like a boss in a Jaguar XJL Supercharged.


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