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It's hard to top ex-Ford PR maven Whitney Drake, now doing press for the Chevy Camaro, put that NASCAR Ford Fusion up there into the wall at a Ford event, but what's your biggest personal automotive fail?


Our own Ray Wert takes the cake with his Saab Turbo X adventure. For those who don't remember, Ray was invited out to drive what was then the only Saab Turbo X in North America. It was a proper manual. Rather than just enjoying the car and gingerly tossing it around the Gingerman Raceway he decided to test out the new "heel-and-toe" technique he was familiarizing himself with. Two laps later there was a distinct burning smell. That's right. He toasted the only clutch in the only Saab Turbo X on the continent. FAIL! Being a better sport than he is driver, he was nice enough to let us share this story again.

So what's yours?

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