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We're all going to need some good excuses to give Johnny Law when the super-quick (allegedly) Dodge ev and 2009 Audi S4 Avant hit the streets. One of the side effects of car appreciation is the occasional speeding ticket, but the right mix of feigned-ignorance and cleverness can help avoid going into debt for your frequent forays into illegality. Help us out by helping us figure out — what's the best line for getting out of a speeding ticket? The single greatest moment in speeding-ticket-avoidance ever witnessed around the area where we grew up involved a young woman who, in her time, claims to have gotten her way out of 20 speeding tickets. Lies? Maybe. But we know for sure that she once replied to a command for "license and registration" with a thundering burp. The lady cop that was at the window started laughing so hard she could barely walk and, obviously, no ticket was given. We're not sure that'll work in every case. But what about you — what's the best line you've used? What's the best line you've heard? (QOTD is your chance to answer the day's most pressing automotive questions and experience the opinions of the insightful insiders, practicing pundits and gleeful gearheads that make up the Jalopnik commentariat. If you've got a suggestion for a good "Question Of The Day" send an email to tips at jalopnik dot com.) [Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images]


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