What's Your Best Go-Kart Experience?

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Video of go-karts blasting through the Isle of Man made us reminisce about our time in front of lawnmower engines. Remember when you thought you were a proto-Andretti? What's your best go-kart experience?


There's no set age limit for riding go-karts, but you better have kids or be chaperoning someone else's tots if you're going to use the dinky ones at most kid-centric entertainment centers. One night we joined our bored high school friends in a trip out to one such entertainment center we used to haunt as mere middle-schoolers with the hopes of having some great times on the admittedly unchallenging kart track. It started out okay, though the speeds seemed much faster when we were smaller. It was mostly a game of bumper karts when we reached the part of the track not visible to the grumbling attendants. And then she showed up.

Track requirements dictated she must be at least 13, but by her size she looked to be no older than 5. She could barely reach the pedals. Combine the almost complete lack of weight and the luck of her getting the "good kart" and you had a dangerous combination. The lack of weight and fast kart was an advantage but it wasn't the x-factor. This little blond kid was fearless. Forget carefully considered braking patterns or perfect arches. She threw the kart into corners with the reckless abandon of someone not yet aware of what they have to lose. She destroyed us. It was embarrassing. We immediately regretted buying that "all you can drive" pass.

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Jonathan Harper

Velocity 17 in Maywood NJ. SO MUCH FUN. When i was about 12 I first encountered real go karts in davenport iowa in an old warehouse, called F-1 Karting it was SICK the karts went about 30 or 35. Then finally right near my home in NJ V-17 comes along, all electric karts 100% torque from 0 rpm 40 mph top speed. You even get a print out of your lap times at the end. I love it. and yes, you can drift go karts.