What's Your Automotive Guilty Pleasure?

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My favorite type of car is without a doubt, the Bachelor's Sports Mobile. I like cars that are lightweight, tossable, and fun and yet for some reason I love this, the 10th-Generation Chevrolet Suburban.


It's pretty much the opposite of a lightweight sports car, and I reviled it until I drove one. Sure the interior build quality was crap, the ergonomics were hysterically bad, and calling it a gas-guzzler would be the understatement of the century, but there was something about this truck. Something I can't quite explain.

Maybe it was the effortless torque from the big V8. Or maybe the fact that it can easily hold a full sized harp and four people with comfort (which is useful for .001% of the population). Maybe it was it's unabashed honesty, made in an era where we didn't yet care about gas prices or sensibility. To this day I still can't put my finger on it.


It has nothing I look for or care about in a car, and yet I couldn't help but love this symbol of American excess. It's my automotive guilty pleasure, now show us in the comments what's yours.

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Yeah. That's right. Let the flames begin.

But it's AWD.

It can carry more than a day's worth of groceries.

It came with a tent. A TENT.

I don't mind the styling either.