We were amused when Jeremy Clarkson successfully took the Lotus Evora off-road on Top Gear. It's not the best car for off-roading, but it's better than many SUVs. What's the worst SUV to take off-roading?

We're going to go with the FWD first-generation Toyota Highlander Hybrid as the worst possible SUV to take off-road. It's basically a taller Toyota Camry with low-for-SUV ground clearance, lots of weight thanks to the the batteries and electric motor and "seven" seats. Even Toyota tried to dissuade people from thinking of it as anything but a taller, AWD wagon. Not like there's anything wrong with that. Plenty of people are happy with their efficient, roomy, appliance-like hybrid wagon thing for driving around parking lots. Anyone who bought one with the idea of treading on anything rougher than well-cut grass, though, probably isn't happy.

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