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What's The Worst State To Drive Across?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We love a good road trip. Miles of open road, diners, scenery, et cetera. But there are some states we'd rather avoid. What's the worst state to drive across?

In our mind, it's hard to top I-80 across Ohio for the bottom of American driving. Most of the drive is one long reminder of the rust belt. Abandoned cars, factories and towns. See the once-glorious cities of America: Toledo, Cleveland and Youngstown! But that can be said of a lot of states. What really makes this particular trip abhorrent is the frequency of law enforcement protecting... well... who knows what exactly. And if police camping on the side of the road isn't enough the skies are filled with planes and helicopters tracking speeders. Listen to a CB and you'll hear the frequent refrain of: "bear in the air." It makes you look forward to pulling into Michigan or Indiana.


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Photo Credit: TheTruthAbout @ Flickr