What's The Worst Performance Trim Package?

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Remember when car companies had performance divisions? Those were the good ol' days, right. Wrong. Sometimes they were really the bad old days. What was the worst model performance trim package?


Back in 1998, before the Carpocalypse, the economy was so strong GM could sell a two-door version of the Chevy Lumina under the Monte Carlo name and someone would actually buy it. Even better, they could create a NASCAR-themed Z34 "performance" trim level that was neither fast, sporty, or well-designed enough to drive in a circle. The fact that you could die in either is really the only similarity between the Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo and the street version. With its massive 231-cubic-inch V6 pumping out an awesome 200 HP, the Z34 was capable of a blistering top speed of 105 MPH and a 1/4-mile time of 17 seconds at 85 MPH. But who cares how slow you're going when you look so stylish?

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