In a dream world we all would own cars we love forever, like Hubert, but sometimes crap happens. What's the worst car you've ever owned?

We surveyed everyone up this morning and it turns out Ben had the distinct displeasure of borrowing — he wanted us to remind everyone he didn't own it — a second generation Ford Tempo of indistinguishable year for about six months during college.

The power windows didn't roll down and the air conditioning didn't work, the faded blue interior stank in the sweltering summer heat of offgassing plastics a decade plus after it had rolled off the assembly line. It overheated for no apparent reason during the summer and working on the blasted thing was out of the question as there wasn't room in the engine bay to even get a hand between the lump of a V6 and the inner fender. A hateful, hateful evil little car.

We're sure you all can do worse than Ben.

[Photo: DefyGravityAndDance]