What's The Worst Car Movie Of All Time?

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It's easy to argue over the greatest car movie of all time, as we did yesterday, but what about the truly despicable driving flicks? What's the worst car movie of all time?


We have to strain our memory to come up with more than a couple Sylvester Stallone films we like that aren't Rocky or Rambo. We have no issue, however, coming up with Stallone films we absolutely abhor. High on this list is Driven, directed by Renny Harlin, the genius behind such films as the second worst Die Hard flick, Wal-Mart $5 DVD bin staple The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (to be fair, Wert really likes this one), and massive flop Cutthroat Island. A mixture of convoluted plot, poor acting, and crappy CG combines for a movie so bad we unfairly blame it for killing off the CART series.

What's your vote for the worst?

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Matt Brown

Braveheart. There wasn't a single car in that whole damn movie.

What a ripoff.