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Demographically speaking, a good number of you were born during the Malaise Era, which made answering yesterday's question about the best car from your birth year challenging. Let's flip it: what's the worst car from your birth year?


There are so many cars from 1983 to turn to, but the properly maligned Cadillac Cimarron is probably the worst. Cadillac's plan to turn the Cavalier into an entry-level vehicle is considered one of GM's most obvious and hilarious blunders. It was almost twice the cost of the little Chevy and offered only touches of leather and badges to justify the price increase. It also suffered from all the typical quality issues of GM product from the era. It is, in so many ways, the worst car of 1983.

What car do you resent the most from your year of birth? Please lead the answer with your year of birth so we can properly compare.

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