What's the weirdest form of ground transportation?

Oh, so you thought four wheels (or two) are the best ground-transportation construct known to man? We'll have you know some pretty smart people have come up with other ways to get around. What's the weirdest form of ground transportation?


While today's QOTD is open to vehicles riding on any kind of weird apparatus, anything with tire'd wheels must exist in a number other than two or four. So, we're going with Travis Pastrana and Ken Block's shoe bike, which rides on DC sneakers instead of tires. It was likely inspired by Max Knight's "walking bike," which he built for Intersection in 2008. I'm getting 20 blisters just looking at this thing.

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Please... Some advertising gimmick put together by U-Toob TV stars? Go look up Farm Show magazine. Spend a couple hours perusing even the least bizarre hacks, bodges, mutations and monstrosities therein then posting this...