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Road trips are as much about stopping to eat as they are about actually getting somewhere. Science suggests 100 calories on the road equal a single calorie in regular life (make that "junk-food science"). What's the ultimate road food?


If you ever happen to find yourself in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia, and are in need of sustenance, you can do no better than the humble Sheetz. There's nothing that sets the old hypothalmus aflutter like seeing that shiny, ultra-red establishment hove into view. The key is their computerized ordering system, which makes getting a made-to-order sandwich a bit like playing Sim Lunch, if such a thing existed, only at the end an actual lunch arrives. Plus, they sell gas and other necessities, so it's a one-stop road trip stop. It may be the only thing that makes up for not having In-N-Out Burger on the east coast.

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