What's the ultimate display of car guy wealth?

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Rich car guys have always had the means to build private racetracks and Taj Mahal-like garages. But what about the mack daddy of car guys? We're talking guhzillionz — Occupy East Asia money. What's the ultimate display of car guy wealth?


Naturally, it has to be the Sultan of Brunei, and his brother Prince Jafri, who collected so unbelievably many exotic and luxury cars with the money they pillaged from that nation's oil and natural-gas wealth, that when things went south in the late 1990s, many priceless models wound up going to seed. Some have pegged his collection, at its peak, at 7,000 cars worth $5 billion — although insiders say Jafri was the collection's mastermind, and that it topped out at 2,500 cars. Still, no one may ever know, since no records were kept. The duo's automotive excesses are truly beyond anything the car world has ever seen — and probably never will again.


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