With the reveal of the bizarre, panty hose-skinned BMW GINA Light Visionary Model Concept, our thoughts are taking a turn to the strange today. As one of us has said once before — it used to be an automaker would reveal a nine-wheeled platinum wondercar meant to be a designers flight of fancy. Now, it seems things have taken a turn to the other extreme — showing off a design that will never see the light of day in order to act as a test bed for technology that may actually appear in an upcoming model, or as is more likely the case, a concept that is seemingly 90% of what the production version will look like. As far-fetched as the crazy-assed concepts of old may have been, we really didn't mind the dreaming.

What about the Volvo Tandem Car, strange or just strangely practical? Or the Rinspeed Glass Car? It's hard to top the Firebird XP-21 and other derivatives as they feature both rocket power and rocket ship design. This all just off the top of our heads, though. What do you consider to be the strangest concept car of all time?