What's The Strangest Automotive Cross-Marketing Idea?

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Even before the word "synergy" became every consultant's favorite justification for an insane idea, automakers have been doing tie-ins and cross-marketing with any number of other companies. Sometimes these make perfect sense; sometimes they clash like a tuxedo and soccer cleats. What's the weirdest connection between a car company and a clothing or lifestyle label?


Lincoln was long a serial purveyor of fashion-house special editions. The Bill Blass models may have been the most well-known and logical, but there were others as well, including one with French firm Givenchy. We have no clue who on either side decided that it made sense for a famously middlebrow all-American company to connect with one of the great upscale houses, but the result was a pretty bland-looking Continental intended to unite two customer bodies that probably don't show up at many parties together.

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My X-type is too a real Jaguar

Jeep Levi Edition, it just never made any sense to me.