What's The Oldest Car You've Ever Owned?

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Let me explain the rules for this one. If in 1965 you sold your 1964 Beetle (presumably to buy that new fangled Mustang) you only owned the VW for one year. However, if you currently own a 1964 Bug, then you own a 34-year-old car 43-year-old car. Get it? Going back to yesterday's Question, yes I did own a 1985 Pontiac Parisienne Safari Station Wagon. But it had 187,000 miles on it, which led to its 7 cylinderization, which led to it being towed away with most of the engine in the back in 1995. Which makes it a 10-year-old car. Which means the oldest car I ever owned is 10-years-old. We're setting today's Question up this way because A) Murilee and I are generally interested in you alls mechanical skills (not that I have any) and B) it's a quick and dirty way for us to see who actually reads what we write. So have at it.



@nosirrahg: The 1985 Cutlass was purchased for my wife (by me) from her father (so it is her father's Olds!). I tried to make the stock 307 do something (like run right) but it was all in vain.

So "we" gave up and "we" are pulling the 307, removing all the plumbing and "electronics" (emissions were already gone in step 1) and putting in a mild 455 with HEI. Heat and AC just weren't going to work out either it appears.

I don't think it's what either one of them had in mind. He's pushing 80+ and does not think it's cool.

Mechanic is not particularly amused about making it fit but he's real amused about putting a 455 in Dad's Oldsmobile.

@petersterncan: Our 1996 Civic was one of the most expensive cars to maintain I have ever had. Second only to my 1990 Mitsubishi Galant GS.