What's The Oddest Car Engine?

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Engines range from one-to-many-more cylinders and come in a variety of configurations. There's all sorts of opportunities for oddities. But it's the prospect of those exceptions tickling our fancy this morning. What's the oddest car engine?

A rear-mounted flat-six engine is strange, though not unheard of. They're quite popular in helicopters and Porsches. In fact, the Franklin O-335 engine found in certain Sikorsky helicopters caught the eye of Preston Tucker and he decided to drop a water-cooled version of the military-use engine into the back of his Tucker 48 sedan. With a displacement of 5.45 liters and power to the tune of 166 HP and 372 lb-ft of torque it wasn't underpowered, either, though it was a radical departure at the time. Sadly, the helicopter-powered car was never to catch on.

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The Cryseler Patriot, The flywheel system weighed 1147 pounds, and was vacuum housed; it could spin up to 58,000 rpm on its gimbaled mounting. The motor had three-phase permanent neodymium iron boron magnets in a Halbach array. The rim and housing were made of carbon fiber; the bearings were mechanical.