What's The Most Tasteful Car?

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Last week there was a lot of heated back-and-forth about the Lamborghini Egoista concept. It was too flashy, or only had room for one person, or it was a waste because all Lamborghinis are a waste.


We're not going to re-hash that argument here, but it does bring up another question. If we're all going to discuss taste, what shall be our yardstick, our standard to measure by?

For that matter, what is taste? Israeli beer company Maccabee actually tried to answer that question, after faced with a growing public consensus that its beer tasted awful. Rather than change the formula or actually do anything to make it taste better, they questioned the very nature of opinion. Using "Old Spice Guy" Isaiah Mustafa, of course:

I'm not sure I know what the taste of a math problem is, but I do know that the Maserati Sebring is incredibly tasteful. It's not flashy like a Ferrari of the era, but it still has that gorgeous Italian styling. The red example pictured here isn't bright, but restrained. It says "I have style, and I also have class."


What do you think? What is the most tasteful car that money can buy?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons