What's The Most Ridiculously Overpriced Used Car?

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We're not talking the gently used M5 that'll still break your bank anyway. There are some relatively mediocre cars commanding sticker prices outrageously higher than some better new cars.

I was surfing the inventory of the dealer where I bought my last car from (a very boring Civic) when I came across this absolutely spotless 1989 Toyota Camry. Camry Deluxe, mind you.

61,000 miles. Relatively rust-free for a 24-year-old car in Michigan. Sturdy, tear-free interior. And there are still plenty of second-gen Camrys on the road hanging in there. What a fantastic daily driver this would be. I could probably get this for about two grand? Nope. $12,500! Are you fucking kidding me? Twelve thousand for this?


Or how about this 1982 BMW 320 with 85,578 miles for...$19,000? With just a four-cylinder? And those worn-out seats? Jeez.

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