It's the Fourth of July and, as this is the land of little public transportation, you're probably going to drive everywhere. But what if you want to drive with nationalistic intent? What's the most patriotic car?

We choose classic Jeep Willys MB, a symbol of America to most of the world. In addition to representing our country in wars we were almost universally proud of, it represents a class of vehicle essentially created by the U.S. (suck it, Land Rover). More than its historical context is its symbolic meaning. The Jeep is an off-road vehicle. It's the automobile for Emerson's road less traveled. It's manifest destiny manifested in steel and rubber. It's the only brand to successfully crossover from companies owned variously by the Germans, French and now the Italians. It is America.

Well? Think you can get more patriotic than that? Let's see you try.

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