It's that time of the year when dad gets paid back for the year's advice on watches, women and tie-tying. Buying gifts for car-freak dads who have everything requires serious next-level thinking. What's the most outrageous auto-related Father's Day gift?

Does dad hate golf but love sports-car racing? Has he not yet purchased his midlife Porsche 911? Does he look favorably upon traveling by private jet? Do you have a half-mil to drop on a Father's Day gift? If you've answered all those in the affirmative, the American Le Mans Series is down with your particular steez, as it were. It's offering a gift package that in a single-stroke will win you number-one son status. The details are many, but the upshot is VIP treatment for dad and 10 of his best boys (and girls) at Petit Le Mans, dinner with Don Panoz, a ride in the safety car, oh, and a new Porsche 911 Carrera. Sure, it's a lot to spend on a fleeting moment of racing, but you're rich, he's worth it and all the work's done for you. Win-win-win, etc.

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