What's the most MacGyver-like car hack?

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The DIY movement doesn't only apply to guys making PC cases out of old microwave ovens. It also applies to those who bring their tinkering skills to bear on automotive projects. What's the most MacGyver-like car hack ever devised?


When you don't live in a cold climate, it's easy to look down on such pamperfest car accessories as heated seats and remote start for running the heater before you get in. But once you've lived with those things, it's hard to go without. And who says you can't make that kind of equipment for yourself, out of things you have lying around your nerd pad? That's what Lifehacker reader Cory Lykins did by building a remote car heater using an RF wireless light switch, an extension cord and a small ceramic heater. So the car doesn't actually start. At least it'll be warm when you get in, and won't waste gas like, you know, cranking over the engine just to run the heater will. Problem kind of solved!

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Aside from trolling thereifixedit.com this one actually happened to me. We were driving back from Victorville to New Orleans towing a two axle RV trailer when the wheel bearing of one of the 4 wheels gave out. The wheel stuck at 45 degrees and caused all kinds of issues as well as a long skid mark. We pulled off of I-10 right into a Lowe's parking lot somewhere outside of Houston. After somehow obtaining new bearings and a new hub everything was together except the brakes, which where shot and no parts were available. So, we got a sledge hammer from Lowes, clamped it between the pistons in the brake caliper and tied up the whole assembly to the frame. Three three brakes are better than none!