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For much of the U.S., today was back to school day. That means your lazy little bastards, I mean PRECIOUS ANGELS have to take a break from their busy schedules of smoking Molly, binge-video gaming and sexting each other long enough to get educated and hopefully make this country competitive with China.

And for you, the parents, that means hauling them to school. Maybe you did it in your family sedan or your minivan. I bet that was a dejecting experience for all involved. Why can’t you haul them to school in something that kicks fucking ass?


Never fear! We at Jalopnik are here to help. That’s our question of the day: What’s the most insane vehicle for taking your kids to school?

I nominate Toyota’s crazy off-road Tacoma with a Sienna body, because it’s easily one of the best minivans ever made. Why isn’t that a thing you can buy?

I bet ‘80s Toyota would have built it. Eighties Toyota was cool, man.

Anyway, what would you pick to take your little ones to the learnin’ farm?

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