What's The Most Horsepower For The Buck?

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When we announced that you could get the 2009 Corvette ZR1 for just $103,300, Ben started to look for a way to scrounge together the $103,200 he'd need to buy one. Still, we're talking about $161 per horsepower. That's not shabby, but Godzilla is only $148 per horsepower. And what about the Tata Nano? Just $75 per horsepower.

And what about modified vehicles? If you could boost the output of the Nano to just 40 horsepower you'd be looking at just $63 per horsepower. These are all our quick calculations based on what comes to mind. What's the best deal in production cars? What's the best deal in modified vehicles? Go forth and multiply (well, divide). The more proof for your proof, the better, as we may feature the ten best finds in a later post.