What's The Most Disgusting Car You've Ever Driven In?

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There's a great song by The Coup wherein the protagonist, in true Jalopnik style, jumps from one cheap vehicle to another including a 1988 Cadillac Seville, 1981 Datsun and 1976 Ford Pinto. The lyrics include this great exchange:

Got my rearview attached with some duct tape/ Keep yo' knee right there! I'm tryinta keep that glove compartment closed playa/ The seatbelt don't work just tie it round your waist/ If you crash through the window, just cover your face/The radio gets one station on AM/it's Chinese but if you listen you could catch what they sayin


It's one of our favorites and reminds us all of those unsanitary vehicles we've had to crawl into at one time or another.

Specifically, an old friend and his array of trashed out beaters, which were always so covered in fast food wrappers, slime and cigarette ashes that passengers were encouraged to bring their own towels with them for long drives. How no one ever died in one of those cars is beyond me, but we're happy that he's living in New York where he can travel in the relatively sanitary subway cars. Anyone ride in the vagina bike taxi? It looks clean, but you can't be sure without running a blacklight over it. What's the most disgusting car you've ever driven in or, bonus points, currently own?


Rob Emslie

My wife's minivan. The volume of crap that I have to shift in order to even sit in the passenger seat is unbelievable.

It makes me nervous that she may turn into one of those people who never throws anything away and I'll end up surrounded by old newspapers and shoe boxes full of taco bell receipts.