What's The Most Dangerous Thing To Do While Driving?

It's Crash Week and, as everyone knows, crashes are often the result of drivers not paying attention because they're doing something else. But what's the most dangerous thing to do while driving?

We're going to put in a big vote for road head, no matter the configuration. If the average person thinks about sex once every six minutes, and drives an average of one hour a day, that's ten times during the average day that someone is simultaneously pondering boot-knocking whilst in motion. We assume this accounts for half the wrecks already. Combine actual sex and the various technical procedures involved and I'm sure you will end up like Jack White, who it is rumored broke his hand while involved in a motive tryst with his girlfriend Renée Zellweger.


What about you? What do you think is the most dangerous thing to do while driving?

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Photo Credit: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

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