What's The Most Consistently Awesome Car?

The photos of six generations of 5 Series Bimmers was a sad reminder that not every car maintains greatness through multiple generations. Some do. What's the most consistently awesome car?


It's hard to argue with the Mazda Miata/MX-5 as one of the best generation-to-generation evolutions... so we won't. The Mazda started out as a lightweight, two-seat RWD sports car powered by a potent fourbanger and has remained as such through three generations and 21 years. The driving experience, the visual appearance, the cost, and the overall heft have been maintained or improved upon in a relative way. Even with 20 years of new technology and mandated safety equipment a base roadster only weighs around 300 pounds more than the original and, according to Mazda, they're hoping to find new ways to make the future Miata lighter.

Other than the addition of alphanumerics into the name, the maintenance of product integrity is impressive.

We picked an easy one, but we know there are others out there. What other name always rings true in the ears of car lovers?

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Photo Credit: Phinz @ Flickr

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