What's the most collectible hypercar?

The past two decades have been a renaissance period for huge-horsepower, megabuck hypercars. But will these leaders of next-level performance become the garage and concours queens of the next-generation collector? What's the most collectible hypercar?

We'll let your spirited debate decide which cars are eligible for entry in this exclusive club. But for our money, it's the Pagani Zonda Tricolore. Sure, buying one of the three Tricolore units Pagani built would have set you back $2 million. And sure, there will probably be a period of cliff-face depreciation, when you'll probably be living in it. But in, say, 40 years, when you're That Old Guy Walking Around Pebble Beach In a Seersucker Suit, you'll be able to unload the thing for really big money. Palm-Beach-winter-home money. No problem, you can thank us later.


(Thanks to Landofminos for the concept.)

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