What's the most awesome kit car ever built?

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Kit cars filled a desire for cars too specialized for automakers' accountants to greenlight in a million years. They still fill that desire, but technology's done wonders for the old fiberglass-and-beetle-chassis construct. What's the most awesome kit car ever built?


The Sterling, shown above, was designed during the early 1970s kit-car boom by British freelance designer Richard Oakes. Originally configured to fit on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis and drivetrain, Sterling buffs have altered their cars to accommodate Ford or Buick V6s, Buick or Rover aluminum V8s, Chevrolet Corvair flat sixes, Mazda rotaries, and even Oldsmobile or Cadillac transverse V8s. Unlike in the old days, new Sterling kits are molded from composite plastics instead of fiberglass. Yes, you can have Condorman's car for around $19,000.

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There are some pretty neat Cobra kit cars.