What's the least-fun "sport" model ever built?

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What's in a name? If the name is "sport," there should be fun in store, right? But we all know how presumptuous automakers can get when it comes to sport-designated models. What's the least-fun "sport" model ever built?


Call us Mssrs. Obvious and Redundant, et al., "Shooting fish in barrels since 1827," but we're going with the Yugo GVX. The Fiat 128-based import from the former Yugoslavia was an exercise in extreme salesmanship by the unflappable Malcolm Bricklin, who undercut the entire auto industry with an outdated, unsafe nugget from the unholy alliance of Italy and the Eastern Bloc. The GVX had a spry (for a tractor) 1.3-liter four, five-speed transmission and a body kit that made it look like Karl Rove in an Adidas track suit.

These days, it's so hard to find a Yugo GV, let alone a GVX, in anything but "back to the earth" condition, that sellers are asking several thousands more than the cars cost when new. Economics, thy name is insane in the membrane.

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