What's The Jalopnik Company Car?

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This comes from none other than our man Bumblebee:

Dear Jalops:

For years my dad worked for a pharmaceutical-marketing company and eventually got a company car to commute. Ready?: An '86 Firebird with a V8 (mind you, not a GTA or Trans Am).

Neither then nor now can I equate anything about the character of the car with his duties or position. It wasn't even a very good commuter's car.

I notice the Jalopniks do a fair bit of driving around and I wonder what readers think the hypothetical Jalopnik company car should be. (The marketing man in me can't help but point out this will give you an indication as to how familiar your readership is with the Jalops. You will also discover, based on who relegates you to Toyota Corollas or used Segways, who next to execute). "Bumblebee"


We think it is a great question. But we need to stipulate a couple rules. First, no Caminos, Starions, WRXs or Jeep Liberties. Too obvious. If anyone remembers what Spin and Davey G drive, none of those, either. The other rule? It needs to be practical. And the RS4 Convertible has a large trunk.

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Al Navarro

Old A4 Avant with RS4 motor and strengthened whatevers. Sleeper-style...because that's how you roll.

Or...old Audi 200 wagon with motor that fell straight outta John Buffum's Sport Quattro.

It can't look too nice, otherwise you can't park it on the street. Has to be fast, somewhat unique, and be able to go coast to coast.