Beer-soaked burnouts in the Circle K parking lot while Slayer cranks on the Kraco. Yeah, it's the real American Dream in full effect, but what kind of car fits the headbangin' lifestyle the best?

I came of driving age during the early 1980s, so for me the answer will always be the primer-gray early-70s Plymouth Satellite with a tunnel ram through the hood and the rear end jacked up about five goddamn feet off the ground. However, objectivity demands that I acknowledge the third-generation Chevy Camaro as the car Lemmy Kilmister would be driving right now, had he been born in Bakersfield and his band had never gone beyond the dive-bar stage. And, really, a big ol' Delta 88 with Vise-Grips for window cranks is also quite metallic. What do you think goes best in the Heavy Metal Parking Lot?

To get in the right fame of mind for this exercise, you need to crank up the fuckin' volume and listen to Udo Dirkschneider screaming directly into your soul! AIIIIEEEEE!!!