Childhood amnesia varies in length but eventually we all walk out of the fog and into awareness. Rather than ask about the first person you recall we want to know something actually important: what's the first car you remember?

For me it's between two cars. The first is my Grandfather's big, dark blue Ford Crown Victoria LTD with blue plush interior. I can easily recall stretching out across the big bench in the back, my first clue to what the term "luxurious" meant. The other car was my neighbor's 1988 Ford F-150, two-tone red-and-white. Looking back it was probably a Lariat as it came fully loaded. He even had a motorized lift gate. I remember all the neighbors coming out to see him raise and lower objects with it. Technology! The future! Once I started noticing cars I couldn't stop noticing them and haven't since.

What about you? Dig deeply into your psyche (but not too deeply) and let us know what car you see.

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Photo Credit: AXEL SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images