What's the Festivus Pole of cars?

The celebration of Festivus involves gathering around an unadorned aluminum pole. As Seinfeld's chief Festivus adherent, Frank Costanza once said about the reasoning: "I find tinsel distracting ... [I]t's made from aluminum. Very high strength-to-weight ratio." What's the most unadorned car?

Whether you follow the original O'Keefe family Festivus tradition, or the Seinfeld aluminum pole variant, you know the most important tenet of the December 23rd holiday is its rejection of the commercialism and over-the-top trappings of the holiday season. WIth cars having become such fancypants objects, we're looking backward for our pick. As unadorned cars go, the 1983 Renault Alliance is at the top of our list. With squared-off edges on a typical three-box design, the Alliance is perhaps the least ostentatious vehicle in the history of motoring, and this the Festivus pole of cars. For the rest of us.


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