What's The Fastest Comic Book Car?

To initiate my two-week reign of terror, I'm going to make things a little harder for you schmucks. Rather than just solicit an opinion, let's call on your brainpower. Specifically, the facts you memorized during a youth misspent in printed fantasy. What, according to the material itself, is the fastest comic book car?

Because this is my first day on the job, and I was wayyyyy too busy playing Warhammer 40K to indulge in any of your comic book nonsense (nerds), a quick search in Wikipedia reveals that the Bathammer from everyone's favorite Batman movie, the one with Robin, can do 100mph on ice. That's right, it doesn't even need a road to break the ton and everyone knows driving on ice is super scary. Beat that, I dare you.


And seriously, I want a proper nerd showdown. No "just because," give us fact, figures, quotes and specs. Not just what, but why is that car the fastest?

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